Dry Gluts



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Dry Gluts is a waterproof surface cover. It’s made from rubber-backed cloth, has seamed edges, and folds neatly into the size of a hard-bound book.
Example venues for use are concerts, picnics, and sporting events.
These are available in solid white, but if you provide your favorite images, we will digitally transfer them to the cloth (as shown).
Caution! Because they are waterproof, liquid spills to the top side of Dry Gluts will cause wet glutes, so bringing a damp cloth along to clean up liquid spills is recommended.
Cloth sizes/prices: 4 x 5 ft ($25), 4 x 7.5 ft ($30), 6 x 9 ft ($45)
Custom 14 in x 18 in transfers are $14.00 each

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4 X 5 ft., 4 X 7.5 ft., 6 X 9 ft.


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